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Renting out your Motorhome!

Updated: Jan 24

Well, the first month of 2022 has been full of possibilities! When we first decided to rent out our motorhome we knew little of the costs involved or the hoops we would need to jump through to make it real.

The first big surprise was the cost of insurance. Standard insurance simply won't cut it, so there are two options for owners who wish to hire out their motorhomes. The first is a pay-as-you-go type that is bought when the van is on hire and the second, a more traditional type that allows any driver to use the motorhome (subject to status) at any time including the owners. We elected the latter for simplicity, and also because it would work out cheaper as we want to offer the van all year round.

We went with Alan Boswell in the end, and had to weigh in with a hefty £1400, for the privilege Ouch! Yes, my friends, I can still feel the pain.

In addition to this, every motorhome for hire also needs a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate. This is mandatory, but guess what? Very few gas engineers are accredited to issue one. The closest engineer to me in Coventry, is in Melton Mowbray, a good hour and a bit drive away. Another £120.

So now we're ready to go, just a case of arranging breakdown cover. Thankfully this is simple, with Green Flag, coming out on top with a great deal for just £85.

So with our van raring to go, I took a look at advertising. Facebook was the obvious go-to for me and I set up a page with a view to paid-for ads targetting camping fans in the Coventry area. There are also many rental platforms to take advantage of, such as PaulCamper and Camplify. We plumbed for Camptoo in the end. It's free to advertise and they take around a 17% cut of the hire price, which we consider acceptable in view of their advertising reach.

So onwards and upwards into 2022, with our new rental venture. I'll keep you posted!

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